Dentures and Partials In Hanover, PA

Teeth damaged beyond repair can be replaced with dentures or partials. We can create new teeth for you that will allow you to chew properly again and will restore your smile to a beautiful, natural look. 

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Restoring Your Smile, Improving Your Overall Health

Most people know that dentures are used to replace all of your teeth. But what if you only need a few teeth removed and replaced? That's where partials come in. Family Smiles Dentistry provides dentures and partials to restore not only your smile but your ability to chew properly. Missing teeth can diminish your ability to chew, which is where digestion begins. The result is more digestive issues. Dentures and partials improve chewing and can reduce or eliminate your digestive issues. They can also boost your self-confidence by restoring your smile. 


Dentures And Partials

Traditional Dentures

We offer traditional dentures that provide a full set of upper and/or lower teeth, so you can get your beautiful smile back!

Implant Supported

Dental implants can hold your dentures and partials in place without worrying about removal or gummy dental gels or creams.

Customized Fit

Our high-tech scanning technology allows us to create dentures that fit the contours of your jaws well, providing a comfortable fit and strong hold.

Partial Dentures

We provide partials that replace only the teeth you need, instead of all of them. Our partials are made to blend in with the rest of your teeth.

Strong Materials

We use materials such as cast metal, acrylic and Essix to create partials that are durable as much as they are beautiful.

Faster Service

Some dentures and partials can take months to create. We use labs right here in Pennsylvania, so you get your dentures or partials in as little as 1-2 months.

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Common Questions About Dentures And Partials

Most dental insurance plans will cover part of the cost of your dentures or partials. However, you will be responsible for the remaining balance. Family Smiles offers in-house or CareCredit financing to cover the rest! 

Dentures replace all of the teeth of the jaw with one piece that fits over the gums and jaw. Partials replace several teeth in a row without replacing all of the teeth on that jaw. A partial will attach to your natural teeth and fill in the missing teeth between them. 

That depends on whether your remaining teeth and your jaw are strong enough to hold partials in place since they attach to other teeth to stay in place. We will examine your teeth and jaw and recommend whether partials will work or whether full dentures would be better. 

Missing or damaged teeth can make it difficult to bite and chew, which is the first stage of digestion. This can lead to other digestive issues that can affect your overall health. Damaged teeth can also cause pain, and they can diminish your smile. Dentures can repair all of these issues. 

Yes! You'll need to come in every six months to check that your gums and jaw are still healthy. We also will check your dentures to ensure they still fit properly, and we can make adjustments if necessary. 

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CEREC® Crowns

Beautiful, natural-looking crowns made to match your teeth within hours, not days.
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Clear Aligners

Straighten your teeth without all that metal using our custom clear aligners.
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Teeth Whitening

Remove years of stains and discoloration with our teeth whitening procedure.
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