Our Care Philosophy

At Family Smiles Dentistry, our goal is to help our community a smile at a time by making our patients feel at ease about their dental visits and proud of their smile! 
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From Pediatric Dentistry to Dentures

Why Choose Us?

From the beginning, Family Smiles Dentistry has been about giving back to the community by helping those in it get the smile they've always wanted. We want to provide affordable, fast, exceptional dental care to each and every patient. 

We know how important dentistry is to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. That's why we strive to provide dental care that is affordable and fast. You deserve to have a healthy, beautiful smile!

We Are Proud Of Doing Dentistry in Hanover

Our Mission

Community & Family

We support our community by providing exceptional dental care that's fast and affordable.

Excellence in Dentistry

Our dentists have decades of combined experience and know the best ways to keep your teeth healthy!

Trustworthy, Respectful, Integrity, Caring

We're open with our patients when it comes to care. We answer your questions and guide you through treatment.

Beautiful Smiles,
Affordable Care

Your smile is your first impression, and having a beautiful smile builds your confidence and self-esteem. Family Smiles helps you keep your smile beautiful with services from semi-annual cleanings to restorative dentistry. See how amazing you can feel with a beautiful smile!

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Family Smiles Dentistry serving smiles in Hanover and Littlestown

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