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Considering a career in dentistry? You have various dynamic options available.

The field of dentistry offers many different types of jobs and career options at a variety of educational and professional levels. Dentists and other dental professionals enjoy career stability and a choice of many career opportunities. Dentistry involves a broad range of professionals, from doctorate level to administrative level people. All of these dental professionals work […]

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How Does Osteoporosis Affect Your Dental Health?

Osteoporosis is a fairly common skeletal disease in which calcium is lost, causing bones to become weaker and more susceptible to fractures. The disease affects men and women who are 50 years old or older, but it is most common in women who are 70 years old or above. As the body ages, bone mass […]

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Soft Drinks & Dental Erosion

A new study shows connection between the two is more severe than first thought. Click here for more information from MNT!

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Tips & Tricks to Clean Your Invisalign Retainers

Click here for more information from verywell!

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Your Guide to Healthy, White Teeth

You brush, you floss, you get your six-month checkup, and yet up pops a cavity, or major yellowing, or throbbing pain. While some of our teeth woes are genetic, we don't always get their care right, which can lead to serious problems—from an increased risk of preterm delivery if you're pregnant to heart disease. Worry […]

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Dentists May Soon be Filling Your Teeth with Glass

Hate your fillings? New findings out of Oregon State University show something promising for the war on tooth decay: Bioactive glass. Click here for more information from New Beauty.

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KoR Permanent Whitening Special

Hurry!  For the month of February, we are offering our KoR Permanent Whitening System for a SPECIAL price.  Call us today to reserve your spot!

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Your Dental Health, Examined

Want to spend less time in that reclining chair?  Open wide for health gums and teeth at any age! Click here to learn more from Real Simple    

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Listen When Your Tongue Talks

The health of your tongue and oral health are strongly related.  Click the picture above for more information from 1Dental.com.

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No Cavities Kids Club WINNER!

Congratulations - to our December Cavity Free Kids Club winner! Patients all love winning the gift card to Hickory Falls Fun Center! Check out our Pediatrics Page to learn more about the No Cavity Kids Club!

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