Published: November 5, 2013

Watch for Increased Cavities in Kids with Asthma

Asthma and caries are the most common childhood diseases. Asthma is a serious childhood disease which is on the rise. The prevalence of allergies, including Asthma, has reached 41% of Western Countries. Asthma medications taken orally or inhaled change the salivary flow and pH of the oral cavity, leading in some cases to increased cavities.

Research has shown Asthmatic children have higher levels of Strep mutants and Lactobacillus bacteria in the mouth compared to healthy children. Children with asthma taking Steroids or anti-asthmatic medications had even higher levels of these bacteria.

Use of a spacer with the inhaler can help. These children should have limited sugar in their diet and should practice ideal dental hygiene. Hygienists can go over other fluoride options, such as rinses and prescription pastes.

Do your children have Asthma?

Make sure you ask what we can do to help!

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