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September 2013

Fall is Here!

We wish all of our patients a happy and healthy Fall 2013!  We are excited to share this newsletter with you, as we have many exciting changes happening in our office.  All of them are being integrated to benefit our patients’ dental health.

Please Welcome Dr. Diana Shoe!

The biggest and most exciting change in our office is the addition of a new Dentist to our team!  We are so happy to introduce Dr. Diana Shoe to our awesome patients.
Dr. Shoe will be starting hours on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, as well as Friday hours.  She will also be covering from 9/11 - 9/19.  If you are scheduled during these times, you will have the pleasure of meeting her.
See the second page for a full biography on our newest team member.

Got Braces??

We don’t!  We have Invisalign!
If you haven’t heard of Invisalign by now, it’s a process of straightening your teeth with virtually invisible aligners.
Ask if you’re a candidate at your next visit, or schedule a consultation.

We’re on the World-Wide-Web!

Visit our brand new website! (
You can find information about our office, print patient forms, or simply contact our office.

Cone-Beam Imaging Has Arrived!

Technology is moving at a blistering pace and as you all know, we are PROUD to be at the forefront of the most cutting-edge technology.
Many of you have expressed a desire to have our Drs. place your implants for you, instead of the referral headache.  We are excited that we can now offer this service!
We have invested in an important piece of equipment which will allow us to place implants with precision and predictability.  This device is called the Galileos 3D Cone-Beam.  A simple 14-second scan will give us a 3D image of your skull.
We are so excited about this because it places our practice light-years ahead of any other practice in the area, even specialists.

Baby Boom!

As some of you may have noticed, our office staff has been tweaked a little here and there.  Everyone is still here, but some of our ladies have welcomed, or are about to welcome tiny bundles of joy into their homes.  Please be patient with our staff members as they are learning new positions to help out for missing mommies.
Most importantly, mommies and babies are happy and healthy.

The Power of a Compliment

Did you know most of our new patients come from you?  So, thank you!
The biggest way to compliment our office is sharing us with your friends and family.  We would love to meet them, and we are always welcoming new patients.

Dr. Diana Shoe

Leaving behind her family and four years of medical school education in Peru, Dr. Shoe arrived in the United States after marrying her beloved husband, Dr. Jason Shoe in 2005. Dr. Shoe earned her B.S. in Life Science with honors at the Pennsylvania State University in 2008, her D.D.S. Magna cum Laude in 2012 and her certificate in Advanced General Dentistry in 2013 at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. During her time in dental school, Dr. Shoe participated in many outreach programs such as the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship where she devoted her time educating underserved communities in Baltimore about oral health and caries prevention. She also spent time in the Dominican Republic providing dental services to the poor communities of Hondo Valle and el Cercado.

As a result of Dr. Shoe’s outstanding performance in dental school, she was selected from 130 students to become one of four “Diamond Scholars” during her senior year. This opportunity allowed Dr. Shoe to complete one year of residency in the Advanced General Dentistry program while still in dental school. Upon graduating, Dr. Shoe continued to master her clinical skills by staying in the program for one more year. In addition to general dentistry, she is trained to perform complex cosmetic full mouth rehabilitation, dental implant placement, tooth removal, and gum surgery. Dr. Shoe loves working with patients of all ages and is fluent in Spanish.

Dr. Shoe is a member of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon-Phi Chapter, the Gorgas Odontological Honorary Society, the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, the Pennsylvania Dental Association, the Maryland Dental Association, the Hispanic Dental Association, and the Association of Women Dentists.

Dr. Shoe and her husband, Jason, moved to Hanover, PA at the end of last year and welcomed their first child, Dylan, on August 8, 2013. Jason opened an Orthodontics/Periodontics practice last year in Hanover. They are both thrilled to be in Hanover and very excited to be new parents!

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